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PAWREN, Inc. is a dynamic, innovative, and forward thinking human service organization. We provide training, visiting, coaching, foster home assessment, and staff development.

Our mission is to provide each of our partners the best possible service, while reducing their overall operational cost. We are committed to helping each agency ensure the health, safety, and well-being of their clients. This will be done with quality, speed, and accuracy.

Our goal at PAWREN is to ensure the health and safety of children and families in their community with the help of other providers and caring caregivers.

Our hope is that the experience for the child/family will be less traumatic.

Our services ensure a win-win for all:

Families Contract Agency
Will have the needed support in the form of timely, consistent and quality coverage of their case. Will meet State/Department of Children Services/Administration for Children Services requirement and improve the quality and number of contacts with clients without overwhelming staff, ultimately improving the bottom line.
Department of Children and Family Services
Administration for Children Services
Will meet state and federal mandates. Will improve the relationship, communication, and integrity of services provided and functioning of the system.

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